10k vs. 14K Gold

10K Gold vs. 14K Gold

Gold is the most common element used to make jewelry. Whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings, you are likely to see gold anywhere and everywhere. When buying jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones, you are often offered a variety of options by the sellers. There is a number prefixed to the ‘K’ in almost all the gold jewelry that you see. 

But what does this number refer to, and what is the meaning of this capital K? Well, K is the symbol for karat. This measuring unit has a number in front of it that tells us the purity of the gold jewelry. Gold is an extremely delicate element, which is why it is never fully used to make the jewelry that you wear. Pure gold is always mixed with alloys to make your jewelry strong and long-lasting.

In this debate of 10K vs. 14K gold, know that the percentage of true gold lies in how the jewelry is made. In 10K gold jewelry, only 41% pure gold is used whereas in 14K gold jewelry, 58% pure gold is used. That means that you get more gold in 14K jewelry.

To help you pick the best type of jewelry, here are some benefits and drawbacks of these two types of gold.

Pros & Cons of 10K Gold

Pros: The mixture used to make 10K gold jewelry contains greater amounts of alloys than pure gold. Due to the malleable and delicate nature of pure gold, the greater amount of alloy mix makes 10K gold jewelry quite durable. This gold is stronger than 14K gold jewelry and can withstand your everyday wear and tear. Additionally, 10K gold jewelry is 100% scratch resistant. 10K gold looks elegant and is highly durable and affordable. 

Cons: 10K gold may look supremely dull when placed next to a 14K or 18K gold product. You may not get the rich warmth that is generally expected from gold jewelry.

Pros & Cons of 14K Gold

Pros: 14K gold is the ideal choice to go for while purchasing gold jewelry. It portrays the sophisticated shine that everyone expects from their jewelry. 14K gold may be a bit weaker than 10K gold in terms of hardness, but it too is scratch proof and pretty strong for daily use. Jewelry made from 14K gold is widely sold across the globe because it is highly affordable and also ensures longevity.

Cons: The drawback of 14K gold jewelry mainly its price. Value for money plays an important role in the purchase of any product, but if you are buying gold, then it is bound to be for someone really special to you. If you are searching for the cheapest type of jewelry, 14K gold might not be for you.

TYS Jewelers

Overall, sticking to 14K gold is a safe choice. Getting a smaller piece of 14K gold ensures the right amount of shine and sophistication and is sure to be enjoyed by the wearer! Contact TYS Jewelers today to explore your gold options!