Allergic to Gold Jewelery

Can You Be Allergic to Gold Jewelry?

Gold is the finest element known to mankind for the manufacture of gorgeous jewelries. If you think back to high school science class, then you might recall that gold is an unreactive and soft element. However, you might be allergic to gold jewelry. Shortly after wearing it, you can experience red and itchy rashes in the area which comes in contact with the gold jewelry.

But if gold is the finest element on earth, and super unreactive, then why do some people get such irritating rashes when wearing it? Gold in itself is a very delicate element. Making jewelries out of pure gold is not possible as it is too soft. Therefore, pure gold is mixed with alloys (mixture of metals) to harden the jewelry.

The metal alloy contains a well-known element causing allergic reactions. It is none other than nickel that causes the frustrating rashes on your skin. Many people do not buy pure chunks of gold, but rather go for the options that have a disproportional ratio of gold and metal alloy.

For example, a 10-karat gold ring will have a greater amount of metal alloy than gold. That is why it is the cheapest gold jewelry option available in the market. On the other hand, if you go higher with the gold karat and get yourself an 18-karat ring, then the proportion of metal alloy tends to be lower than the amount of gold.

So does that mean you should quit wearing gold? No way! Let us help you out and give you some extra tips of how you can avoid gold allergies.

We have already described how the proportion of alloy decreases with the increase in karats. Thus, if you have a sensitive skin we would suggest you go for the 18-karat or higher options while purchasing your gold jewelry. It may appear to be a bit expensive, but always remember that good things last long. If taken care of properly, then your premium quality gold jewelry can last you a lifetime.

Moreover, you can also pick from ‘nickel-free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ options while purchasing your precious ornament. They are most likely to be marked with such signs but if not, ask your jeweler if it is safe for people with gold allergies. We know that the alloy in it is the main driving force of the allergic reaction, but to make things simple, it is commonly known as gold allergy.

Furthermore, white gold is said to be mostly containing nickel, beside other metals. You might instead go for gold ornaments having a palladium alloy. Palladium alloy is not likely to cause any allergies and is a safer alternative for you to try out.

All in all, you can have gold allergies. It is pretty common and frustrating to get it, but it does not do severe harm to your body. But we would still not want you to face any discomfort while wearing your favorite piece of jewelry. We hope you flaunt your gold jewelry with finesse the next time you wear one.