Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds were formerly known as the old mine cut. These diamonds are square cut with rounded corners and are very similar to a pillow in look and feel. This is where they got their name from. Cushion-cut diamonds have been around for almost 200 years now. For the first century of their existence, they were among the most popular ones, just like the round cut is today. Until the early twentieth century, these cushion-cut diamonds were considered de facto diamond shapes.

Cushion cut diamonds have undergone refinements over time like shrinking the culet, improving cut angles, and enlarging the table have led to their increased popularity. Many buyers today are attracted to the modern performance combined with the antique feel of the cushion cut. The standards for this kind of diamond vary more than most other shapes of diamonds. The personal taste of this kind of diamond dictates choices. While generally cushion cut diamonds are less brilliant than round-shaped diamonds, these diamonds have better fire and that is actually the part of their appeal.


Modern cushion cuts that we have today tend to have basic pavilion facet patterns. These modified cuts tend to have a needle or crushed ice-like facet pattern which is more similar to the radiant cut rather than traditional cushion cut.

The classic cushion cut diamonds used to be in square shape and the ones found today are slightly rectangular in shape. Out of all the shapes available, slightly rectangular ones are the most popular ones, however, these can be customized according to personal preference.


Evaluating the color in cushion cut diamond is completely subjective. Many buyers prefer slightly warmer color tones over the cool colorlessness of diamonds. A lot of people are willing to pay higher premiums for cushion cut diamonds with warmer color tones. This is why they cost on the higher end in comparison to the ones with cool colorlessness.


Just like color, evaluating the clarity of cushion cut diamonds is completely subjective. Some buyers are totally comfortable with inclusions as long as they cannot see them. Whereas on the other end, some people insist on getting a more technically flawless appearance.

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