History of Gold

History of Gold Jewelry

Gold is considered the most historic and ubiquitous symbol of luxury. People have been working, forming, and decorating gold for thousands of years, transforming it into armor, objects, coins, jewelry, and crowns to denote position and power. Because gold is very malleable and ductile in comparison to other gemstones and metals, it was easy to work with for people in ancient cultures.

Ancient Civilizations

If we see other properties of gold, it is resistant to rusting and tarnishing, making it the symbol of long-lasting permanence for ancient kings and warriors. This is why objects made from gold were buried with kings and warriors entering the afterlife.

The traces of gold jewelry were found from 4,400 BC although they have been crafted and worn earlier. This timeline came into the picture when archaeological burial sites were studied upon unearthing the bodies and the archaeologists discovered hundreds of decorative adornments and jewelry pieces made from gold that indicate wealth, status, and impressive working knowledge of ancient goldsmiths. These pieces of evidence found, suggest that the ancient Egyptians used to pour molten gold into molds for creating objects.

Adding Other Metals

Gold is an inert metal. Inert elements are those that are not man-made and have their natural existence. Apart from their natural existence, gold can be formed together using a few different ways, however, these ways are rare. Over the years, a lot of gold deposits have been mined with the hope of finding their golden nuggets.

This is why in ancient times, only yellow gold jewelry was used which was made from pure gold. But later rose gold and white gold came into the picture which was formed by adding other metals to the natural yellow gold. The modern 14 karat gold that’s being used is formed from a mixture of silver, copper, and gold. Rose gold has a large concentration of copper in it whereas white gold is the metal that has the absence of copper in it.

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