Johnny Dang Custom Grillz Houston

Johnny Dang Houston – History of Custom Grillz

Johnny who? 

You don’t know his name, but you know his work. From Kayne West to Beyoncé Johnny Dang has created the jewelry which defines the artist. Best known for creating grillz; ‘The jeweler to the stars’ has come a long way from his flea market store in Houston. 

Johnny Dangs Work. 

Now known for creating the current fashion of bling and stints on MTV my ‘Super sweet sixteen’ and his own reality tv show ‘The Johnny Dang and Paul Wall show’ that chronicles his and his business partners Hip hop royalty Paul Wall’s creativity; the 44-year-old Vietnamese-American is well known across America and the entertainment industry. 

Johnny Dangs Early career.

Having started on the Houston Flea markets repairing high-end watches, Dang then moved to a Houston Mall where his store thrived putting other big names out of business as people flocked to his store not only to buy his signature outlandish pieces but for the frill factor of window shopping the same. Dang opened a second shop and started to work with the world of hip-hop.

Celebrity clientele. 

Rappers such as Lil Wayne, Kayne West, and DJ Khaled are just some of the stars who have had exclusive pieces created by Dang. They have also included him in their songs and allowed for cameos in various music videos. Nelly’s 2006 chart-topping song, ‘Grillz’ is also said to be inspired by Johnny Dang and his creations. 

Custom Grillz: the mouth of diamonds.  

However, the most famous of Dang’s creations are ‘Grillz’, metal mouthpieces encrusted with diamonds which are so popular in hip hop and other entertainment sectors with stars as diverse as Hugh Haffner, Paris Hilton, to P. Diddy and Kylie Jenner. Having created a stylish way to accessorize a whole mouth or just a section of teeth Johnny Dang has revolutionized what can be decorated and how. 

TYS Jewelers – An Alternative to Johnny Dang Custom Grillz

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