Types of Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry clasps are not only functional mechanisms to lock your jewelry, but they play a major role in adding that finish to the designs of your necklace, armlet, bracelet, or anklet. Jewelry clasps are selected by jewelers based on the width and weight of the material that’s being used to make the jewelry.

With TYS Jewelers, you can design your jewelry. And while finalizing the design of your jewelry neckpiece or bracelet or anklet, considering the design of the clasp is also very important. This is why here we are listing types of jewelry clasps available in the market so that you can know what type is going to enhance the beauty of your article.

Lobster Clasp

This clasp got its name from the shape that is very similar to the lobster claw. This is one of the most common types of clasps used in the neckpiece. This can be opened or closed by pulling a small lever present on one side.

Magnetic Clasp

This clasp consists of two pieces, each containing a magnet. This clasp does an excellent job in securing the jewelry to its place by snapping together. These are available in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Additional decorations can be done to it for enhancing its aesthetic value.

S-Hook Clasp

These are one of the oldest types of clasps available in the market. This works in the easiest way be simply tightening or loosening the S-shaped hook. These can range from most basic to fancy depending upon the kind of elegance you want to add to your jewelry.

Push Clasp

Push clasps are two-part clasps in which the ends are to be pushed together to hold the jewelry. These pieces can be very ornate and can be used as a focal point in your jewelry.

Pearl Clasp

Pearl clasps are majorly used with statement pearl necklaces. These clasps are designed in a way that they are capable of holding the weight of the entire pearl string.

Fishhook Clasp

These clasps are commonly seen in vintage style jewelry. This is again a two-piece setup where the interior hook is pushed into an oval box. Fishhook clasp adds a different design look to the jewelry.

Bolt Ring Clasp

Bolt Ring Claps is one of the most common choices as they are amongst the most elegant and budget-friendly designs. There are a wide variety of bolt clasps available in the market ranging from sterling silver to 9-karat gold.

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